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Workplace Coffee is More Important than You Know - Cash Is King ATM Solutions
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Workplace Coffee is More Important than You Know

01 May Workplace Coffee is More Important than You Know

The market research firm Packaged Facts recently released its latest report on the market for coffee in office-based workplaces, and it heavily emphasizes the fact that access to the caffeinated beverage – especially high-quality alternatives – is a significant marker of worker productivity.

While the report uses employee rankings of the importance of coffee to encourage workplaces to provide the stuff at their own expense, there are other possible takeaways from the data, depending on financial resources, managerial style, and other factors.

If you as a business owner feel ill-prepared to absorb the expense of personally providing your staff with a daily pick-me-up that meets each of their personal standards, you may still see benefits by boosting the quality of your breakroom vending services or cafeteria services and simply making sure that your employees have the cash to pay the higher premium for a cup of coffee that will make them happier and more productive.

This may in turn require that you install a full-service ATM if you do not already have one, but if your breakroom services and workplace cafeteria are already up to employee standards, you’ll probably find that that is an extremely worthwhile investment and one that helps you to recover upfront costs and overhead from your own employees while actually leaving them more satisfied with their workplace.IMG_31102015_122815

This is even true of workplaces without breakroom and cafeteria services if they have nearby restaurants that offer good quality coffee and if their managerial staff is comfortable with allowing employees to go offsite at break time for the sake of coming back with improved morale. A Cash is King ATM can provide those employees with a rare sense of freedom at work by guaranteeing that they are never without access to the cash they need to obtain those little things that are most important to a pleasant and productive workday.

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