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Why the Red Ball Project Should Encourage you to Install an ATM - Cash Is King ATM Solutions
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Why the Red Ball Project Should Encourage you to Install an ATM

17 Sep Why the Red Ball Project Should Encourage you to Install an ATM

Toledo, Ohio gained major attention in the national news and on social media when artist Kurt Perschke’s “Red Ball Project” visited the city from August 14 to August 23. During that time, the giant inflatable ball visited ten locations. Or rather, it was scheduled to appear in ten locations but actually explored more of the city when it got loose in high winds and tumbled through the streets before being recovered.

Fortunately, the incident caused no harm. Even more fortunately, it made the project even more visible and presumably brought even more attention to Toledo and to the installation spots than it otherwise would have.

There are a couple of lessons in this for local businesses, including businesses that are weighing the merits of free ATM service at their Toledo location. The story goes to show that sometimes you know well in advance that an event or installation is going to bring new foot traffic. And sometimes you don’t. And sometimes unexpected developments increase the volume of that foot traffic in the 11th hour.

Surely it’s best to be prepared for those times when you don’t know what to expect. And one way of being prepared is by having ATM equipment installed, and ATM service lined up. Doing so saves you from missing out on those people who came to your neighborhood because they heard about the giant, bouncing, red ball, but who suddenly found themselves looking for fast cash in hopes of shopping and eating at local establishments.

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