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Springtime Reminder of the Importance of Breakrooms
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Springtime Reminder of the Importance of Breakrooms

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03 Mar Springtime Reminder of the Importance of Breakrooms

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The emergence of springtime weather brings a good opportunity for employers to consider the quality of their breakrooms. That is, better conditions outside the workplace might tempt employees to take their breaks at off-site locations, and that temptation will be particularly strong if there are amenities (other than sunshine) that are available outside but not in the workplace breakroom.

A recent article at the business and marketing news site JOSIC discusses breakroom setup and gives some recommendations for how yours can go above and beyond. It is worth reading, although your ability or willingness to implement those recommendations may vary depending on the value of your business, the size of your staff, the available space, and so on.

In any event, what is particularly interesting about the JOSIC article is that it doesn’t even seem to regard the importance of the breakroom as an open question. It asks whether employee happiness is tied to that space, but then quickly takes it for granted that the answer is “yes.”

If you have even a mild suspicion that this is as obvious as JOSIC believes, then you have a duty to see that your employees have what they need to be happy and productive workers. Among these things is a Cash is King ATM, which will help them to take advantage of breakroom services for which you can’t fit the entire bill.

More than that, the workplace availability of ATM equipment and processing helps employees to make the most of their breaks even if their breakroom isn’t up to snuff. If you can do nothing to improve their satisfaction in that regard, the least you can do is help them to take advantage of off-site alternatives, so that they never feel trapped and resentful when they go back to the same coffee pot day in and day out.


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