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Should Your Business Have Asked Santa for an ATM? - Cash Is King ATM Solutions
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Should Your Business Have Asked Santa for an ATM?

18 Dec Should Your Business Have Asked Santa for an ATM?

The holiday shopping season is wrapping up and soon it will be time to look back on your experience as a business owner and consider what you could do differently to make things easier or more profitable next year.

If you don’t have an ATM machine in your establishment, we recommend that you think carefully about whether adding one might have a positive effect. Would it increase foot traffic to your store? Would it increase sales among people who were already there?

As the name of our company declares, “cash is king.” Credit is convenient, but at a time when people are spending money hand over fist, they may be more inclined to use cash in order to remain under a set limit, or at least to use a Cash is King ATM to check on where they stand and how much they still can spend.

As you look back on the holiday shopping season, you may also find that people would have had many other reasons to replenish their cash supply at your CIK ATM. Whether it’s to buy coffee from a small vendor in order to fuel their shopping expedition, or to make a donation to a charity bell-ringer, holiday shoppers are likely to find themselves looking for an ATM machine from time to time. If they know they can find one at your business, they just might spot the perfect gift while they’re there.

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