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On-Site ATM Services - CIK ATM
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Cash is King ATM
Solutions is a premier
non-bank ATM provider.
We install and operate
ATMs with merchants of
all sizes. Cash is King
ATM Solutions offers a
variety of ATM programs
ranging from full turnkey
placements to merchant
owned solutions, each
designed to meet your
individual requirements.

Our suite of solutions
spans the full range of
ATM management needs
including transaction
processing services, bank
sponsorship services,
armored car services,
vault cash, online
transaction reporting,
cash management
solutions and equipment

Some Facts & Figures

• ATM customers spend an average of 20% to 25% more than non-ATM
• Retail ATM’s that dispense $20 bills increase store sales by over 8%.
• 40% of ATM users go to the ATM machine an average of 10 times per
• ATM users are “habit”-driven, using the same ATM repeatedly.
• There are no charge backs or credit risks with an ATM.
• ATM customers prefer the convenience of a retail store to a bank.
• Placement of an ATM machine is the second most requested service
for retail stores.

Benefits of ATMs in Retail Locations

• Added source of revenue: ATMs provide an additional source of
fee income.
• Increase sales and customer traffic: ATMs can increase sales as
customers with cash in hand spend more.
• Cash retention: Up to 25% of the cash withdrawn from an ATM
is spent on the premises.
• Control bad debt: When a customer uses cash from an ATM it
cuts down charge backs, disputes and returned checks.
• Security: ATMs inside commercial establishments provide an
added level of security compared to those placed in outside
public places, better security attracts customers to the store.
• Reduced costs: By directing your customer to the ATM, you can
reduce credit card fees by increasing cash use.
• Improved image: By providing new and unique services for your
patrons, your image is improved. One reason people patronize a
business is value. An ATM adds value to the customer’s visit.
• Increase customers: Your customers will no longer need to stop
at a competitor’s establishment to get cash (and spend it there).


Retail ATM Programs

Turn-Key Placements

  • In qualifying locations, Cash Is King, provides all the required
    equipment and other services necessary to operate the ATM. The
    retailer receives a portion of the revenue through the ATM

Cash Assist

  • The merchant purchases the ATM and pays for the communication
    cost and the maintenance expenses. Cash Is King provides the
    balance of the services and revenue is shared between the company
    and the merchant.

Merchant Assist

  • Under this scenario, the merchant provides cash for the ATM and
    electricity. Cash Is King provides the ATM and other required
    services. Revenue is shared between the parties.

Merchant Owned

  • The merchant purchases and maintains the ATM, loads the cash
    and provides power and communication to the equipment. Cash
    Is King provides processing and bank sponsorship services with
    online reporting. Under this program, Cash Is King simply
    charges a fixed per transaction fee.

Products and Services
Cash Is King offers a variety of products and services to its
customers and partners, including:

Processing Services
• Terminal driving, switching, authorization and settlement
• Network registration, connectivity and compliance
• Bank Sponsorship
• Online transaction reporting
Managed Services
• Installation management
• 24-hr transaction monitoring
• First and Second Line Maintenance
• Help Desk Services
• Hardware Ownership
• Communication Provision and Management
• Program Management