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On-Site ATM Services - CIK ATM
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ATM Placement and Program Management

We have current partnerships with manufacturing facilities, headquarters, private business owners, retailers, sporting venues, financial institutions, and mobile events. With an ATM placement from Cash Is King ATM Solutions, we use our experience and expertise to make it deliver everything the host location desires.

FREE ATM Placement- If you are a business owner and you would like to have an ATM in your business without getting involved in the ATM program, we can place one of our machines for FREE, to serve your customers. Call us today to see if your business qualifies.

ATM Program Management

If you currently own an ATM and need a service provider, we have some of the best partnerships in the industry allowing us to offer you the best service. We can provide your ATM or ATMs with:

  • Transaction Processing
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Vault Management
  • Transaction Reporting

Cash Is King ATM Solutions also keeps you informed on everything happening in the Industry. If your ATM needs to be updated or upgraded, we can advise you on what is necessary to do so. If you would like for us to take a look at your current ATM or ATM potential, give us a call and we will help you fully utilize your ATM.