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More Denominations, More Convenience

17 Jan More Denominations, More Convenience

One of the drawbacks of ATMs is the limitations that it imposes in terms of how you acquire and divvy up your cash. Although handling hard cash gives some customers a greater sense of control over their spending, credit allows them to make purchases that are as large or as small as they like, without having to worry about making change first, or being left with more in their pockets than they’d intended after they’ve finished shopping.

But a Cash is King ATM essentially gives Dayton and Toledo customers the best of both these worlds. Our full-service ATM program allows users to take out not only the standard twenty dollar bills but also tens and fives, giving them a much greater level of flexibility, compared to the average bank ATM.

This feature of our ATM equipment brings with it an extra touch of customer service and may actually encourage some Dayton and Toledo shoppers to obtain cash from your CIK ATM instead of going back to an ATM that limits their options and robs them of a sense of control.

More convenience for your customers also means more convenience for you as a retailer. When customers take out amounts that are close to what they want to spend in your establishment, you won’t have to make change for as many twenties as you would otherwise, and you’ll have all the control of cash transactions, without the need to repeatedly run to a change safe.

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