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Local Attractions Highlight Potential for ATM Owners
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Local Attractions Highlight Potential for ATM Owners

toledo zoo giraffe

13 Jan Local Attractions Highlight Potential for ATM Owners

Did you know that the Toledo Zoo saw record-breaking attendance in 2015? This week, the Associated Press attributed that fact to a renovated aquarium, a new playground, and a holiday lights display that kept people coming to the area in the early winter season. The AP adds that the new record replaces one that was set all the way back in 1988 when giant pandas were on loan from China.

This is the sort of information that small business owners and entrepreneurs should keep an eye on, especially those who already have Toledo ATM equipment or are considering signing up for free ATM service in their Toledo, Ohio establishment.

Of course, this advice is viable for people in any other locality as well. And among people in Toledo with a Cash is King ATM, it might not be the zoo that is relevant to your situation, but some other local attraction.

Whatever the case, by keeping tabs on attendance patterns are future projections for that attraction, you can draw relevant conclusions about the foot traffic that you can expect to see among nearby businesses, including your own. If you’ve seen an increase over the past year and you have reason to believe the trends will continue, then you’ll need to be proactive about getting people through your doors.

A Cash is King ATM can certainly contribute to that goal. Visitors to the Toledo Zoo will likely want cash for concessions and souvenirs, and if they know there’s ATM processing available in the area, they just might have an extra incentive to spend some of that cash locally.


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