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Kansas Businesses can Benefit from Stretching the Kansas ATM Limit - Cash Is King ATM Solutions
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Kansas Businesses can Benefit from Stretching the Kansas ATM Limit

21 May Kansas Businesses can Benefit from Stretching the Kansas ATM Limit

The Kansas state government is wrangling with federal law after it pass legislation in April limiting welfare recipients to ATM withdrawals of 25 dollars per day. The federal Social Security Act mandates that recipients of government assistance have adequate access to their cash, and there are serious questions about whether the limit impinges on that.

McClatchy quotes Liz Schott of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities as saying that ATMs don’t allow withdrawals in five-dollar increments, meaning that the Kansas limit is effectively 20 dollars.

Without commenting on the politics of the story, we would like to point out that that’s not strictly true. Cash is King ATMs, for instance, can accommodate withdrawals in any denomination. This gives ordinary users the utmost control over their withdrawals. And if the Kansas law remains in place, CIK ATMs may help some users to better cope with imposed restrictions.IMG_31102015_122246

If you are an employer or a business owner in Kansas, this legislation may actually give you a compelling new reason to consider installing a CIK ATM, especially if you offer essential goods and services or if you employ people who might also be receiving supplemental assistance.

If such employees or customers need to stay within strict limits in the future, they’ll be quick to use a full service ATM that gives them additional withdrawal options. And if that ATM is part of their own workplace breakroom services or is conveniently located at their local grocery store, you can be assured of regular traffic. The law, while a potential hassle for employees and customers, could provide you with a new inroad to customer loyalty and employee job satisfaction.

The same applies if you cater to anyone who may experience limits on their withdrawals, legal or otherwise. It applies whether you’re in the heart of Kansas or in the main Cash is King ATM service areas like Toledo, Ohio.

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