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Is Your ATM Equipment Ready for the End of Windows XP
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Is Your ATM Equipment Ready for the End of Windows XP Support

windows xp

15 Dec Is Your ATM Equipment Ready for the End of Windows XP Support

It’s been a long time coming, but next month Windows XP will officially be altogether obsolete. Microsoft ended support for the operating system on desktop computers early this year, but has been offering extended security protection and patches for embedded systems like those found in many ATMs. Now this too will be ending and anyone who hasn’t made the necessary upgrades will be exposed to greater security vulnerabilities.

If you have a Cash is King ATM in your establishment, you should already be protected. And in any event it is up to the financial institution that owns the ATM equipment to address security vulnerabilities and absorb the costs of preventable breaches. Still, if you have any doubts about the operating system that controls your ATM service, you should be sure to call your provider’s ATM technician in Toledo, Ohio or whatever locality is nearest to you.

If that provider is CIK ATM, it will surely put any lingering concerns to rest and allow you to convey that same confidence to your customers. We can’t vouch for any other provider, though. And if you can’t get satisfactory answers before the January transition, it may be time to upgrade your ATM equipment to something that you know for sure you can trust.

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