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Give People the Experience they Expect when using an ATM - Cash Is King ATM Solutions
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Give People the Experience they Expect when using an ATM

17 Sep Give People the Experience they Expect when using an ATM

You may not often consider the etiquette of using ATM equipment as an ordinary consumer, but if you think about it, virtually all of our shared social experiences come with a set of unspoken expectations. When it comes to using an ATM, especially in a high traffic area, there are fairly obvious expectations that the person ahead of you will be quick with their transactions and that the people behind you won’t invade your personal space of make you feel unsafe while handling your cash.

We like to think that most people don’t have to think too much about these things when using ATMs. If they do, it’s probably because someone has violated the rules of etiquette, and it may even be that people have done so on a recurring basis.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who has not yet installed ATM equipment, it could be worthwhile for you to know about these inconveniences when they are experienced by patrons of nearby businesses. If people feel tend to feel uncomfortable or insecure at the ATM at one Toledo establishment, that may give them incentive to visit another, newly installed Toledo ATM, even if it means going a little bit out of their way.

If you’re on the fence about installing free ATM service, take some time to do a little market research. Where are the nearest ATMs? Do they look secure or do they leave users exposed? Do they ever get long lines or do they occupy crowded areas? Can you do better? If the answer to this last question is yes, every person you’ve spotted using a lower quality ATM is a potential new customer for your business once you’ve installed and advertised your Cash is King ATM.

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