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Frequently Asked Questions ATMs - CIK ATM Solutions
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Cash Is King ATM Solutions


Q. What are the main reasons I can benefit from having an ATM in my location?


  • Allows your customers access to their available cash from their debit, bank and credit cards.
  • Keeps your customers in-house so they don’t leave your location to get cash from a different ATM nearby.
  • Increases retail sales by up to 50% of the amount withdrawn from your ATM.
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to accept checks.
  • Reduces credit card usage and credit card fees and expenses.
  • Generates store traffic from walk by traffic.
  • Increases your customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Q. Are there monthly charges or hidden fees for the ATM?

A. No monthly fees, no hidden fees, no transaction fees.

Q. What is the requirements for having an ATM?

A. All that we need for an ATM at your location is constant power, 110v and internet. If your location does not have internet, we can supply a wireless device for the ATM.

Q. Do you supply ATMs for special events?

A. Yes

Q. Do you pay me for an ATM in my business?

A. Yes, after we are able to review our costs associated with an ATM in your location, we can offer a revenue split based on number of transactions, transaction fee, and any other fees associated with the ATM. Typically anywhere from 10-25% of the revenue.

Q. Can I own my own ATM?

A. Yes, we have a franchise system and would love to work with aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs if you want 1 or 100 ATMs in your businesses.

Q. What happens if the ATM breaks down or runs out of money?

A. We will be out promptly to service the ATM and make sure it is working properly.