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Frequently Asked Questions ATMs - CIK ATM Solutions
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Cash Is King ATM Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is the cost of an ATM?

A. There are 3 different Types of ATM units that we recommend.

  1. “Lobby” style which is a standalone unit that costs around $2,500.
  2. “Through-the-wall” style which is installed on the side/front of existing structures costs around $6,000 (installed).
  3. “Drive-Up” Kiosks which are standalone building structures that cost around $25,000 (installed)
Q. How do I get paid, and how often?

A. Money withdrawn from the ATM by a customer is available next day (except on weekends) in your bank account that is set up through CIK Solutions. Surcharge Revenue is direct deposited into your bank account on a monthly basis on or around the 4th day of the following month.

Q. What are the maintenance requirements for the ATM?

A. The maintenance requirements for the ATM are as simple as keeping the ATM stocked with cash and doing a maintenance check monthly to ensure long-lasting equipment that can last 10+ years per machine.

Q. Approximately how much time will it take to service, and stock the ATM?

A. On average it will take about 2 hours per week, per machine. That includes time it takes to go to the bank to withdraw cash, load the cassette box, and update the ATM with stock levels.

Q. What are the requirements for the ATM to be running at a location?

A. The requirements for an ATM to be running at a location is (2) 120v wall outlets. We use wireless devices that communicate wirelessly over Verizon or sprint networks. All we need from a location is wall outlets.

Q. What are Ideal Locations for ATM machines?

A. Ideal Locations for an ATM are high foot traffic areas which include hospitals, supermarkets, gas stations, manufacturing facilities, flea markets, arena venues, etc.

Q. How much cash would you recommend loading into the machine?

A. CIK Solutions recommends that you load a minimum of $2,000 into the machine to start. We will help ensure that you are using the best cash management system to maximize your return on investment.

Q. What are the other ways to make additional revenue with an ATM?

A. There are many ways to maximize your revenue at a single location. A few worth mentioning are bank sponsorships, receipt coupons, on-screen advertisements, and ATM advertising wraps.

Q. Who is responsible for the ATM processing?

A. CIK Solutions handles the ATM Processing. Every ATM is programmed to process through a national ATM processing network. We are a sponsored ISO with WorldPay, the largest off-premise ATM processor in the U.S. The ATMs that we process hold the ability to accept 31 different card networks.

Q. What’s the difference between being involved in the Affiliate Program, and the Referral Program?

A. The affiliate program targets individuals who are interested in owning and operating their own ATM network within a certain geographic location. Our referral program is most focused on helping generate new locations for our affiliates. Both programs have a favorable compensation plan that have residual income earning possibilities. Please see our compensation plan for more details.

Q. Are the machines insured? And by who?

A. ATMs have the option to be insured by the ATM owner. They are insured by the owner of the ATM through a general liability insurance policy.

Q. What’s the first step in getting involved?

A. First step in getting involved is deciding which program best fits your wants and needs. Once you decide with either the Referral or Affiliate program, you will purchase the package and receive all the documents, brochures, and training to help launch your business successfully.

Q. How can I determine if my location is a 'good fit' for an ATM program?

A. All ATM locations are evaluated on an individual basis, but in short we service:

  1. Large Facilities (Factory/Distribution Plant/Hospitals)
  2. Small Merchants (Gas Stations, Flea Markets)
  3. Events (Sporting Arenas, Fairs/Festivals, Race Tracks, Concert Stadiums)

**See the ‘Our Services’ page for more information, and fill out the Contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ to inquire about your specific location.

Q. How much does it cost to place an ATM at my Business?

A. To take part in our ATM Placement Program your location or Business must be pre-qualified based upon Cash Is King ATM Solution’s program criteria. Most ATM Placement Program’s are ZERO COST to the owner, or large facility. Ask about your location by filling out a simple email in our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Q. How does an ATM Placement Program "work" ?

A. Its simple! A local Cash Is King Solutions representative will contact you after filling out your introduction email on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Next a location quick location assessment will take place regarding your place of business. After you pass, the Cash Is King representative will give you your anticipated ATM installment date (usually 7-14 days after an assessment takes place). Once the ATM is installed by a Cash Is King representative, you can immediately start enjoying the added service, and benefit to your location…we take care of everything!

Q. What is the surcharge fee on the ATM?

A. Because we have locations benefiting from these programs all across America, we be sure to determine our surcharge fee based upon market standards. For example, in the Midwest the surcharge fee may be anywhere between $1.75-$2.25 based upon the location type. We ensure HIGHLY COMPETITIVE rates.

Q. Will a bank sponsor an ATM at my Location?

A. Cash Is King Solutions forms relationships with local banks and Credit Unions in their many service areas across America. Therefore, we are able to take a specific location and initiate bank sponsorships. If the bank agrees to want to sponsor the ATM, then the surcharge fee for people who use that bank would be eliminated.

Q. Who fills the money in the machine?

A. Either a registered CIK representative or affiliate, or an armored car service (Brinks…etc.)

Q. What is needed to run the machine at the location?

A. We transmit wirelessly, therefore all that is needed is a 120v Wall Outlet.

Q. How long does it take to have a machine at my location?

A. After site analysis, we can set an installation date in approximately 7-14 days.

Q. Who insures and process CIK Solution ATM transactions?

A. Our transactions are insured by Citizens Bank, and the transactions are processed by World Pay.