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Does your Employee Cafeteria/Breakroom have an ATM? - Cash Is King ATM Solutions
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Does your Employee Cafeteria/Breakroom have an ATM?

12 Jan Does your Employee Cafeteria/Breakroom have an ATM?

Happy New Years and we look forward to a great year in 2015!

First, We would like to say thank you to our current customers including but not limited to Caterpillar Logistics, Johnson Control, Walgreens, Sheehan Vending, Avnet, and many more. Human Resource managers and Plant managers have been taking advantage of our unique service offerings through an ATM placement program that we have developed. Unbanked or underbanked areas such as manufacturing facilities in small towns, hospitals, festivals, etc are great place for ATM so employees and customers have convienent and safe access to their cash. One other benefit that intrigues many Human Resource Managers and Facility Managers of our Free ATM Placement Services are that we offer $5 denominations in large facilities so that employees can withdraw cash for shared lunches and/or vending machines located in their cafeteria or breakroom. Not all vending machines today offer high denomination change requests and/or credit cards. Another benefit of offering $5 denominations is that the surcharge is under $2.00 and employees can have access to cash for giveaways, drawings, t-shirts, etc that take place at the faciltiy for the day.

Other than small denominations, convienence, and safety, HR managers and plant managers are now excited about employees having easier access to their funds from the employer PayCards. Many large employers are now offering direct deposit for their employees to recieve their paychecks sooner and now employees can use their PayCards at the ATM while they are still at work to withdraw their paychecks. Employees have access 24 hours a day and 2nd and 3rd shift employees do not have to worry about stopping at a gas station or their bank ATM on their way home.

Cash Is King ATM looks forward to serving Human Resource Managers, Plant Managers, and Facility Managers in 2015 with an ATM for their employees benefits. Call us today for more information about an ATM for your business.

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