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ATM Processing Services - CIK ATM Solutions
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ATM Processing Services

ATM Transaction Processing

Every ATM is programmed to process through a national ATM processing network. Cash Is King ATM Solutions is a indirect sponsored ISO with WorldPay, the largest off-premise ATM processor in the US. The ATMs that we process hold the ability to accept 31 different card networks, and 1 surcharge free card network. Simply put, if your ATM is not processing with Cash Is King ATM Solutions and WorldPay, you could be missing out on more available income.


What you get when you process your ATM with ATM Technologies:


ATM Accepts Almost Any PIN Enabled Card. Through our partnership with WorldPay, we process 31 different card networks, and 1 surcharge free card network. Your ATM will work for local clients with a small town bank card, or for traveling clients from other states and countries.


Daily Surcharge and Daily Settlement deposits from the ATM. All of the capital that you use in your ATM is back in your account the next day, Monday thru Friday. You can also select to receive your surcharge income as a daily deposit, Monday thru Friday as well.

Convenient, real-time online reporting tools. Access all of your ATM transaction data from any internet enabled computer. Run selective reports to get any type of desired analysis from your ATM program. You can select to view your reports online or have them emailed to you as a spreadsheet.


Monthly reporting and monthly ATM newsletters. When you process with ATM Technologies, you receive a monthly report summarizing your ATM volume. We also keep all of our clients informed with the latest ATM industry news, through our monthly newsletter.


FREE Paper and FREE Decals. Your ATM receipt paper is free of charge when processing your ATM with us. We send you replenishment whenever we are alerted that you are in need of more receipt paper. We also maintain your ATM decals. An ATM with clean, fresh decals is much more inviting to customers.


24/7 Support. No matter what the issue is with your ATM, we are here to help. Our toll free customer support line offers resources to both ATM owners and ATM users. We train all ATM owners on the operation of their ATMs, and provide any future assistance they may need as their ATM program matures. We have a highly knowledgeable staff that is ready to tackle any issue that may come up.