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Cash Is King ATM Solutions -  Full Service ATM Provider
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Cash Is King ATM Solutions

Cash Is King ATM Solutions is a Full Service ATM Provider to Retailers, Event Organizers, Banks & Credit Unions, and Large Employers.


Cash Is King ATM Solutions is unique in offering ATM solutions that most benefit your customers or employees. Whether it be an ATM that dispenses $5 denominations, $10 denominations, $20 denominations, and/or $100 denominations, we can help you. An ATM is essential in an ever growing environment and gives people convenient and safe access to cash.



Our Story:


Cash Is King ATM Solutions was established in 2008 as an ATM cash replenishment, and maintenance company. Chris Markho, the founder and CEO, started Cash Is King ATM Solutions company with a single ATM in a family owned gas station/convenience store. After the positive response from this single ATM machine, Cash Is King ATM Solutions was born. Fast forward a few years, and now Cash Is King ATM Solutions has an ATM network that spans across the U.S.A. We have an ATM network that spans across every state in locations such as convenience stores, gas stations, nail salons, barbershops, tobacco shops, hospitals, factories, cafeterias, manufacturers, fairs, festivals, and concerts.


Why we are Different:


We started as a small business built upon creating and enhancing relationships with other local businesses, and we have kept that same mentality throughout the growth of our company. We have set high standards for ourselves, and bring the highest quality ATM services to our customers. Cash Is King ATM Solutions prides itself on being local, honest, responsive, reliable, and competitive. Truly ‘Big Business’ capabilities, with a ‘Small Business’ attention to detail.


Looking Forward:


Cash Is King ATM Solutions is developing Franchisees across the U.S. to service all ATM markets through our ATM Franchise Business Opportunity. Cash Is King ATM Franchisees gain access to our business partners and resources in order to bring the best ATM service to your business. 

Full Service Retail ATMs

Installation, Maintenance, Cash Services

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Special Event ATMs

Our Mobile ATM Equipment can service your event!

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ATM Maintenance & Support

ATM Out of Order? We can help!

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ATM Franchising

Own Your Own ATM

Learn More

Banks & Credit Unions

Mobile Equipment, Service, and Cash

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Large Employers

Manufacturing Facilities, Hospitals, Schools

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Full Service ATMs


Banks & Credit Unions, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Nail Salons, Barbershops, Cafeterias, Hospitals, Manufacturing Facilities, Factories, Tobacco Shops, Tattoo Parlors, Fairs, Festivals, Concerts, and Schools.


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Special Events – Fairs, Festivals, Concerts, Charities


We provide ATM Solutions for special events with our Mobile ATM Equipment.


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Some of our Clients & Partners

ATM Maintenance & Support


We provide phone and on-site support for Hyosung, Triton, and Genmega ATM’s across the U.S.A.


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At Cash Is King ATM Solutions we take great pride in customer service. We want to make sure that all questions are answered and all customers are helped to the best of our ability.


If you have any questions for us, feel free to contact us at either email or phone number listed below.


For a free quote please fill out the form we have provided.


812 Matzinger Rd

Toledo, OH



Email:      Chris@cikatm.com

Phone:    (419) 283-6387

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